Katushka Millones

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


How many times I’ve tried, and tried, and nothing came out from me? Sometimes I woke up in the morning, and despite of a gentle hot cup of coffee, I couldn’t sat down to work… There’s a roadblock that sometimes keeps me out of reaching my goals, my perfectly planned journal, full of beautiful colors, very busy calendars, and sketches all around me, start to vanish in front of me…
WORRY is the name of that hard road. I didn’t realize how many times this big foe was sitting next to me, zipping the same hot coffee, in my own table!
We sometimes, choose to be passive about creating our own reality. My coach always reminds me that we’re the creators of what is going to happen to us, and that is perfectly true, I read it in so many books, in different ways they sing to us the same song, once and again, “future doesn’t exist, you’re the only creator” but what do we do? We sit there waiting for that call, expecting someone who never comes, trying our best tricks to make that brush or camera, or any instrument with physical and motor abilities to start working for us!
I am learning to select my thoughts, to replace those thoughts of worry and fear with positive, happy images. NOW has to be my guest of honor, it’s going to be fine, it’s going to be fine. Zip your coffee and go to your studio, grab that brush and start building your new NOW…


  1. Katushka what great posts! You are thinking inside my head and I know other artistts that have that same feeling. So thank you for verbalizing your thoughts.

  2. Hi Katushka! Isn't it amazing that many people experience the same thoughts, when we feel so alone at the time? Well your painting made me smile and loose the thought of anxiety and stress - thanks!