Katushka Millones

Friday, July 16, 2010

Slow down!!!!

Slowness… yes! As a way of being: intuitive, centered, receptive, careful, quality over quantity –as opposed to aggressive, stressed, impatient, careless, quantity over quality. Who can compete with a slow cooked food? Not that I’m hungry, but who has forgotten grandma’s soup? We gathered around the table, fully conscious of that moment. For a precious seconds we are totally aware, our senses are engaged, and we are present in our bodies. It’s an event to ritualize and relish, no matter how simple the meal. I do Slow Painting to soothe my soul. Choosing the right speed, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. That’s my freedom.
There’s a Japanese proverb that goes: “The first sip is joy, the second is gladness, the third is serenity, the fourth is madness, the fifth is ecstasy”. Which one are you in?