Katushka Millones

Monday, April 26, 2010

Just like that...

I was sitting on the perfect table of a coffee shop. Perfect because it was located on the corner where nobody would see me, I could though... Only myself and I, having an intimate discussion about what makes me happy... suddenly an elongated young woman came in, and dropped a piece of paper to the floor. It was so shrunk, and very white, brilliant to the natural light that filtrated from the window that trapped the evening sun. So I started to observe the significance of this little "ball of paper" laying on the cold floor...it had so many faces, grays in different directions, warm whites, singing under the beautiful light of the evening. It was like the whole shop was in a state of sudden mute, until a distracted man kicked it out with no intention, and there it was, now laying on the sidewalk, and so on, people passed, and it got kicked again and again until I lost it from my view. Then the muting was off and the old coffee shop was the same as always, noisy, social, and no brightness spots to watch any more. "There it was!" I cried to myself, the little sign I was waiting for, what makes me happy was in front of my own eyes... very little, hiding, picking...
And I went back home with a big smile carrying a bright happy heart.


  1. this text is amazing .
    and sure , the photo as well !!

  2. HOLA!! que lindo este texto!! que bueno conocerte! te voy a estar siguiendo porque me encantó lo que vi!
    besos, mavi

  3. Hello Katushka. Saw your notice on Manhattan Group so checking you out, for started my blog recently and we all can use the support.
    Love your commentary - beautiful way of writing- and appreciation of the common, everyday objects of life.
    Your imagery - the young boy with the kite brings a smile to my face.

  4. Genial!Felicitaciones por la nueva ventana a tu Mundo! Un Beso