Katushka Millones

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Art Booth

What is this about? I’ve the great experience of sharing more than images, brush strokes on canvases… I’ve experienced the great moment of the power my canvases expelled to the people looking at them. Full of emotions... One woman came into my very “primitive” booth, and starting to tell me about her childhood memories, about what she could share with her grandmother… from my Forgotten series, The Light Bulb, reminded her about warm feelings she treasure in her heart all this time! Then another woman who told me that she’s been going through a divorce process, felt like “a deep breath’s coming out from my landscapes”.
I also enjoyed a little girl asking me about some of the techniques I used, and we embarqued on a long conversation about how we perceive shapes on clouds, floor tiles, and even her little brother spilled juice!
I just want to say Thank you… my canvases are sending good vibrations, and that’s a good job! That is part of my purpose on this planet! Thank you!
October 2nd. @ The Ridgefield Cultural Festival, CT

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