Katushka Millones

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Try Harder

Once, I had a dream... that was to become an Architect one day. Most of the people I new "recomended me" not to do so, "that is not a profitable occupation." But, I became one.

Another day, I dreamt again... "I wish to become an Artist". I said to myself "that is not a profitable occupation"... But I became one!!!!


  1. Congratulations Katushka! This is a great looking blog. Make sure you invite all your friends to see it and ask them if they would ask their other friends. - Hal

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Your paintings are beautiful. The "My Joy" series is my favorite so far -- cheerful, whimsical and happy. Have you been influenced at all by the Surrealists or Marc Chagall? If not, do have any influences?


  3. Oh... thanks for your interest. Well I'm always driven by the Old Masters, the strong story behind the Caravaggio paintings,for example, the layers within, old spaces and time...and my own present. This history we're inventing everyday, I think I try to get to the pint where all of these meets...

  4. Il est normal pour une artiste de se poser des questions toute sa vie. Il est tout aussi normal pour un "vieil artiste" comme moi de t'encourager dans cette voie qui semble être la tienne et de te souhaiter bonne route.

    Avec mon amitié,